Four Women poolside. From Left Zip cover-up dress, Ocean Blue ribbed Rash Guard, Beach Shirt UPF 50+ and Tie-Dye Maxi Cover-up - Sun50

Made for You with Our Planet Top of Mind.

Sun50 Materials

Sun50 selects premium sustainable materials, from fabric to hangtags, to craft our collections.

We focus on selecting recycled materials and using natural fibers like organic cotton, Modal™ and Tencel™ . 

Recycled Polyester PET: This fiber is made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Organic Cotton: This fiber is free of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. Organic cotton helps to save water usage.

Tencel™ Lyocell: This fiber is originated in natural eucalyptus trees. It is made into fibers through a closed-loop system and the fiber is biodegradable.

Tencel™ Modal™: This fiber is derived from nature; beechwood trees. It is free of pesticides and biodegradable.

We strive to produce most of our fabrics in the United States. Sun50 selects fabrics that are BlueSign and Oeko-Tex approved. These are industry standards regulated by a third party that require fabric mills to produce sustainable textiles in a safe, clean facility while providing a maintainable living wage to employees. You can learn more here:

By sourcing and producing fabrics in the United States, Sun50 is greatly reducing its carbon footprint. We eliminate the need for air and water transportation; two of the largest contributors to polluting our planet.

Sun50 Team & Factory Partners

At Sun50, we pride ourselves in designing our sun protective apparel in Minneapolis, MN and producing our garments domestically with partner factories throughout the United States. Domestic apparel production elevates our garments and decreases our carbon footprint.

Expert Fit: We make all patterns and samples in-house at Sun50. Multiple rounds of samples are made and thoroughly tested to perfect the flattering fit, comfortable fabric and chic style. By doing the pattern and sampling in-house, we save on time, costs and shipping; as stated above, air and water transportation are two of the largest contributors to polluting our planet.

Small Batch Production: By manufacturing with our vendors in the United States, Sun50 is able to produce garments in small batches. Lower quantities of garments are produced at one time, which reduces excess production and wastage.

High Quality Craftsmanship: Domestic production allows Sun50 to closely monitor the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved for each garment. Every item is quality checked twice – once on the sewing floor and again in our warehouse - before it is sent out to customers. This process ensures our customers receive the highest quality goods and reduces the need for returns.

Digital Printing Practices: We use digital printing to bring fun, lively prints to life on our garments. Digital printing reduces water use and fabric wastage.

Fair Labor Laws: Our factory partners practice fair labor policy and provide sustainable living wages to all employees.

Environmental Laws: Our Los Angeles, California factories adheres to the most environmentally friendly manufacturing laws. California has the most stringent environmental protection rules imposed on the industry for dyeing materials and protecting air quality.