Meet the Sun50 Team

We are a team of dedicated sun protection professionals who share the same core values. Integrity, company culture and transparency speak to the faces behind our mission-based company.

Christie Covarrubias

I am honored to be leading and working with an incredible group of experienced, highly motivated co-workers.  We band together as individuals, dedicated to our company mission and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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James Lockhart

As co-founder, I enjoy working with the team and collaborating on strategic initiatives to move the company forward and grow the brand.

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Sharia Washington

As an athlete and certified trainer, my goal is to educate youth and young adults about the importance of being proactive when it comes to sun protection and prolonged UV exposure.

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Danielle Everine

My goal is to remove the stigma that UPF clothing is scratchy and dowdy. I design our apparel, perfect the fit of each garment and help our team choose sustainable materials for each collection.

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Angela Twohy

Defining the phrase attention to detail, Angela Twohy is all about production details and does whatever it takes to make high quality sun protection clothing. 

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Julie Anderson

As Business Development Director for Sun50, I love the interaction with our current customers, reaching out to new customers and helping our brand grow.

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Jaymi Michael

I creatively express the brand visually to the world through all mediums of design: photography, video, illustration, print collateral and web design. I really enjoy creating and making an idea a reality. It is my passion.

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Ashley Hadfield

I have been an e-commerce marketing retail professional for 7 years prior to joining Sun50. I have always loved fashion and knew a career in this industry was what I wanted to pursue from the start. 

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Madison Hibbs

What I love most about my role is seeing the positive engagement from our Sun50 friends on social media grow. I love creating content that reflects our brand and sends out a positive message to our followers.

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Lyle Heikes

At Sun50 we’re like a family who wants each member to fulfill their dreams and experience joy and success while working on a common goal. It’s a feeling that we are all in this together. 

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Kylie Imholte

My role at Sun50 is to manage the Twitter and LinkedIn pages and schedule, organize and style clothes for photo shoots to feature the extraordinary merchandise Sun50 has to offer.

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Let's be honest here. The truth is the sun rises and sets on me, but I'm not the least bit concerned with titles. Call me what you will, but I AM the culture.

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