Lyle Heikes

Lyle Heikes - Sun50


My Role & Sun50's Culture

In addition to teaching, my career includes various roles in the both the retail and hospitality industries. With each position, my belief is the customer is always right. At Sun50, I do my best to determine customer needs and goals and make sure I am delivering a service that exceeds their expectations.

At Sun50 we’re like a family who wants each member to fulfill their dreams and experience joy and success while working on a common goal. It’s a feeling that we are all in this together and each of us has a personal stake in all accomplishments – big and small. We are building and nurturing a business with a vital role in the health and well-being of others and our world.

A Little about me

As a former teacher, I have long championed social justice issues, especially for those who have fewer resources, less power and greater challenges in navigating everyday life successfully. Having had personal experience with skin cancer, I would like to highlight the incredible importance of taking care of oneself in the outdoors. As much as we all love our time in the sun, we have to remain mindful of the truly dangerous elements of the warm and inviting sunlight. Everyone must practice caution in the sun and wear quality clothing that can literally save our lives.

Living a Balanced Life

I feel most useful and vital when I can assist others and help to make their lives more pleasant and fulfilling. This passion has led me to spend time as a volunteer with elders in the community who struggle with loneliness and isolation. My desire to help make the world not only a kinder, but a more beautiful place, inspires me to spend a lot of time in my own garden and assist others with making their personal living space more lovely and pleasing. Having grown up on a farm, where my childhood dream was to become a zookeeper, the welfare of animals has long been important to me. I am long-time supporter of the Animal Humane Society.

One of my favorite vacation spots is northern New Mexico, namely the Santa Fe and Taos areas. I love the peace, the openness and the absolute splendor of that area’s geography as well as the beautiful art and the slower pace of life of that area of the Southwest