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Real People, Ethically Making High Impact Clothing, In the USA. Super Soft, Lightweight, Eco-Friendly & Naturally Sun Protective.


At Sun50 we invest is professional UV fabric testing to ensure our fabrics provide the highest levels of UPF sun protection in the lightest fabric weight possible. Sun50 fabrics have received the prestigious Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation for superior UV sun protection. Learn more about Skin Cancer Foundation


Sun50 apparel is proudly made in the USA where we can monitor, inspect and produce the highest quality apparel without compromising our environment or the people who make our clothing. Reducing your carbon footprint, supporting fair labor practices, and supporting the U.S economy is behind every Sun50 purchase.

Earth Friendly Fabrics

Sun50 will only source fabrics which are safe for the environment, recycled, or biodegradable because we are on mission to reduce our carbon footprint.  The fabrics we use are more durable, reusable, less toxic, less resource-intensive, and safer for the environment, wildlife, and people.  Your investment in Sun50 apparel helps protect our planet, enhance your health and helps to reduce your carbon footprint for future generations.

Fabric Integrity

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Fabric Profiles & Properties

SolaMar UPF 50+

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Pique UPF 50+

Durable performance pique fabric that is perfect for a long day on the course or the court. Out Pique fabric made from recycled bottles is Four-way stretch, UPF 50+ sun protection, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, extremely breathable and lightweight.

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Seascape UPF 50+

Just like the beauty and flow of the sea, this fabric is light and soft feeling looking much like linen, yet soft to the touch and not rough or stiff. The eucalyptus fibers are naturally antimicrobial, cooling and sweat-wicking making this a great choice for travel and sun protection.

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Seapointe UPF 50+

Organic cotton is gradually winning over ground both on the farm and in the marketplace. This eco-friendly fabric has a noticeably ultra-soft texture and a relaxed feel. Making this fabric fabulous for summer days or nights. 

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Hand-Dyed Summã UPF 50+

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Summã UPF 50+

Made from the finest Tencel™ modal fibers, our Summã Fabric, is the most exquisite, soft-to-the-touch, made in California knit you’ve ever known. Gentle on your skin, like your favorite t-shirt, this fabric offers a gorgeous drape and provides natural thermal body regulation with fluctuating weather conditions. Exceptionally soothing, with a cool feel, our Summã Fabric is made of cellulose - the core component of all plants on earth - which is renewable and biodegradable. Planet friendly.

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SōCō UPF 50+

Inspired by the gentle breeze of the Southern California coastline, our silky SōCō Fabric delicately caresses your skin and sways gracefully on your body. So soft and light you will forget it’s actually a shield of sun protection.

Our SōCō Fabric Plus offers just a bit more sun protection. Otherwise these two fabrics are exactly the same

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Saltair UPF 50+

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Sporty UPF 50+

Swell UPF 50+

The breathable, resilient, tender ribbed nylon fabric is used to create our rash guards offered in a vibrant blue, luminous white and intense black. Quick drying when out of the water and flexible while in, this fabric will leave you more than satisfied. Offering adjustable thumbholes and UPF 50+ sporty seams for individuals who compete in athletics to those relaxing on a beach during a sunny day.  

Wave UPF 50+

These dazzling boards shorts are beautifully crafted with recycled nylon, demonstrating our mission to a maintain a sustainable company. The chlorine, saltwater and pill resistant fabric stretch to accommodate any body type in any condition, from in the water to the gym. The supple elastic, quick dry, UPF 50 fabric is foolproof for outdoor activities under the sun’s rays.