Christie // South Lake Tahoe, California 1975

Our Story

Our CEO and co-founder, Christie, grew up in California during a time when wearing
sunscreen was optional and sunburns were plentiful. Childhood summers were spent on
the beaches of Lake Tahoe alongside her cousin, Renee, sunning on floatable rafts. In
their early 30’s, Renee lost her life to melanoma, which developed from a mole on her back.
Christie is well aware it could have been her too. Had they known about skin cancer
prevention, it’s quite possible Renee would be alive today.

With Renee in mind Sun50 was launched. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that UPF
clothing is the first line of defense for skin cancer. This is why we work with the finest team
of quality assurance experts in the world to ensure every one of our premium fabrics is
thoroughly UV-tested to the highest standard before they arrive to our cut & sew team in
Los Angeles, California.

We are certain that our sustainably sourced, socially impactful, easy to wear, and
fashion-forward UPF pieces will become your trusted favorites.

Welcome to Sun50!

Our Mission

Our mission at Sun50 is to reduce the incidence of skin cancer by supplying the world with the most fashion-forward, easy to wear, and socially impactful sun protective clothing.

Level of Certainty

The higher the number, the greater the protection the garment provides. We invest in 3rd party testing of our fabrics to insure they offer the highest levels of protection from the sun’s UV rays.  Our fabrics have received the prestigious Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation for their superior sun protection.


We are a slow-production fashion brand with intention.  We produce is small batches using organic and bluesign® certified fabrics which cost a bit more, but you will feel the difference and so will our planet. 

Made in America

This speaks to our superior quality, excellent craftmanship and ethical production standards. Our USA based apparel production factories (which we visit frequently) adhere to strict COVID-19 government health and safety regulations. This includes all factory employees wearing face masks at all times. Our price tag may be a bit higher, but our high-quality, made-to-last clothing is handcrafted in healthy & regulated environments and will be the best part of your wardrobe for many seasons.