Uniting Sun Protection, Art and Skin Cancer Awareness to Change the World.

Uniting Sun Protection, Art and Skin Cancer Awareness to Change the World. - Sun50

March and April were special months for Sun50 as we held our first ever design contest, inviting artists to join us in the fight against skin cancer.  Artists nationwide donated their creations for a chance to see their work come alive as our commemorative Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2021 sun bandana. The winning design will be produced and sold by Sun50 with 100% of the proceeds from the sales donated to the Claire Marie Foundation, dedicated to fighting against adolescent and young adult melanoma through awareness, education and prevention. 

We opened the vote to the public, as the submissions, from paintings, colored pencil drawings, to watercolor designs, were too incredible for us to choose just one. We are so thankful and grateful to every artist who shared their submission and everyone who voted for their favorite design. We have highlighted the three brilliant design finalists below and look forward to announcing the final design winner on Friday, April 30th during our Fashion Week Minnesota virtual stream

Maggie Franz, Savannah, Georgia

"Learning about the effects of UV radiation and skin cancer has really changed my life. I didn't really take it into consideration until I learned about it through the Clare Marie Foundation. It's really changed my perspective and kept me more aware of putting on sunscreen and using other prevention methods.”

Tell us more about your design? 

“My design is based on the song Surfin' U.S.A by the Beach Boys which was released in 1963 and inspired my 60's graphic design. I have great memories associated with the song. The tune and lyrics just remind me of a fun day spent on the beach!” 

Why do you hope your design will win? 

“Honestly, I would love for my design to win, but I am just thankful to be chosen as one of the finalists! I entered the contest because I wanted to support the fight against skin cancer and help the Claire Marie foundation. Whether I win or lose, it's for an amazing cause and I'm just happy to be involved!”

Where would we find more of your artwork? 

“I just recently created an art account to showcase the work I have been creating for school! I make lots of different types of art, but my primary focus is costume design and illustration. My Instagram is @marvelously.maggie”

Jennifer Psalmonds, Shreveport, Louisiana

“Fortunately, I personally have not been impacted by skin cancer, but I do know how serious and easy it is for us to get. Living in the south, which is called “sportsman’s paradise” we are always outside and doing outdoor activities, so I am always extra cautious with applying sunscreen and making sure everyone wears the proper clothing to protect them.” 

Tell us more about your design? 

“My artwork, using acrylic, ink and oil, mimic the waves and movement of the ocean, but in vibrant colors inspired by Claire Marie, which represent summertime!!” 

Why do you hope your design will win? 

“I would love to win for so many reasons! First this is such a great organization to help out and anything to help kids warms my heart. I have two boys of my own and I know as a mother, to watch your child go through any sort of obstacle is so hard to deal with, let alone cancer. Secondly, I have been wanting to partner up with a company to work with my designs, so this came at a perfect time!” 

Where would we find more of your artwork? 

“You can find my work on IG. @jenpsalmondsart and on Facebook Art by Jennifer Psalmonds

 Maggie Behlen, Baltimore, Maryland

“In 2014, the Wagonhurst family lost their daughter Claire to adolescent melanoma. Claire's older sister Hillary is a good friend of mine. We met in high school and we happened to both have younger sisters around the same age. Claire's passion for life, despite being diagnosed with melanoma, was intoxicating to be around - she was compassionate, creative, and lived a life in color. She was also a very talented artist. After her passing, her family created the Claire Marie Foundation to raise awareness of adolescent melanoma, and I decided to go after a dream of mine - to become a watercolor artist. Life felt too short to not make time for something that I love. Claire's love of art inspired me to bring art back into my life, and how to truly live a life in color."  

Tell us more about your design? 

“Inspired by Claire's love of bright colors, I wanted to create something whimsical and colorful. With my birthday month being in June and my love for warm weather, summer has always been my favorite season. Something else I love about summer are the thunderstorms. In choosing the song Dreams - by Fleetwood Mac, I wanted to emphasize how the darkness of a storm is often fleeting, and a storm can sometimes bring about something beautiful; like a rainbow. 

Why do you hope your design will win? 

“It would be an honor to produce wearable art for a foundation that is a meaningful part of my life.”  

Where would we find more of your artwork? 

“On my art Instagram account @bymaggiie” 

We are so thankful for all of the artists beautiful submissions, generous support, and for joining us in the fight against skin cancer. 100% of the proceeds for our Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2021 sun bandana will be donated to The Claire Marie Foundation. We hope everyone will join us in the future for our next design contest as we will continue to change the world with art in our fight against skin cancer.

We believe art can change the world.

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