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Sun50 Transparency - Sun50

Fast fashion is a highly profitable business created to mass produce “short life” clothing at low price points. But are you really paying more than the deceptively low retail price at checkout?

Danielle Everine, Project Runway alumna and Design Director for Sun50, sheds light on the perils of Fast fashion and reveals the transparency behind your investment in shopping sustainable and ethical clothing brands like Sun50.

“The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics. I have dedicated my working life to the fashion industry and want to ensure my energy is spent doing good and not harm. Committing to sustainable practices ensures we can provide beautiful and functional UPF clothing to our customers while loving our planet and fellow humans at the same time.” 

Production & Labor:

“At Sun50 we know the people in our supply chain who actually make our clothing and the styles you wear. All of our clothing is made in the USA. We work with amazing domestic manufacturing partners to produce Sun50 apparel ethically and in an environmentally friendly manner. We visit our partners weekly, on their sewing room floor, to ensure our production is on track, errors and waste are minimized and our products are made in a safe and clean environment by healthy staff.”


“All of our fabrics are created using sustainable fibers: either renewable natural fibers or existing recycled fibers. Many of our fabrics are made in the USA, some are imported, and all are made using the highest ecological standards. We primarily use TENCEL (made from fast growing eucalyptus tree fibers) and organic cotton (grown pesticide-free and with minimal water using up-to-the date farming technologies) for natural fibers. For recycled fibers we use bluesign® certified recycled PET (plastic water bottles) and recycled nylons (reclaimed fishing nets). 

Natural Sun Protection:

“All Sun50 clothing is naturally UPF 50+. The fibers and yarns are woven and knit in a way that blocks UV rays from passing through. There is no additional chemical treatment, so the sun protective UPF factor will never wash out. Each of our fabrics is painstakingly tested for UPF rating using special equipment by industry experts. Once the fabric passes our testing standards, we have them certified and approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.” 


“At Sun50, we are not driven by greed.  Our prices reflect integrity behind our brand. No creatures of the planet are harmed in the manufacturing of sustainable fashion. The trims and fabrics are made using earth-friendly methods and materials. Cutting and sewing is done in the USA within ethical conditions and livable wages. Even our hang tags, business cards and packaging are eco-friendly. As citizens of the world, we strive to take care of our fellow beings and mother earth. Your consumer buying power does have a direct impact on your health and the health of our planet.” 

To learn more about Sun50’s pledge to sustainability, check out this page on our site here. 

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