Skinimalism: Skincare Trends for 2021

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While skincare should be part of your daily routine, regardless of age or season, there are noticeable trends we see in the skincare world. If we’ve learned anything from these past months of seclusion, it’s a reminder of the importance of self-care. Read on for The Skin Sisters’ Top Skincare Trends of 2021 to discover four simple ways you can prioritize self-care and bring beauty and peace to your skin.

1. Probiotics for a healthy glow.

While not brand new to the skincare scene, probiotics are coming into their own in 2021. We see probiotics popping up everywhere and you will find them in products ranging from body lotions to facial serums. Probiotics are actually microbes that promote skin health. They protect the skins’ barrier, balance pH and can even help prevent acne, treat pigment and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One of our favorite all-purpose moisturizers containing probiotics is Lipikar Balm AP+, which can be used for both the body and face to hydrate and balance pH.

2. It’s all about the eyes.

Masks have brought the focus squarely on the eyes! While eye products have always held a large part of the skincare market share, we see much more focus on protecting and perfecting this delicate area. We love a daytime product that offers not just hydration and SPF, but also peptides. This trifecta protects and smoothes, as well as offers a bit of coverage with a universal tint. Evening is a time to hydrate and treat; we love to reach for an eye cream with peptides and collagen overnight. Nothing replaces a sprinkle of Botox to soften crows feet, but taking care of the vulnerable skin around the eyes with high-quality products like SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair, can keep you looking refreshed.

3. Neck lift without the knife.

We’ve recently seen a shift in skincare savvy consumers being interested in their neck, as it is one of the body areas to reveal your age first. Neck skin is thinner than the skin on your face, but often receives very little TLC, even though it is just as exposed to daily wear and tear. We are loving peptide-rich creams focused on firming, tightening and strengthening the delicate skin on the neck like Revision Nectifirm Advanced. This is our pick for a topical cream that helps reduce crepey skin, enhances skin brightness and improves firmness.

4. Less skincare, better skincare.

Research has shown using too many products or too much of any product may actually disrupt the barrier of the skin, leading to irritation, dryness and even acne breakouts. Using fewer products, in the proper amounts, means a shorter routine time and reduced spend, without compromising benefits. The key is to understand your skin type, identify your areas of focus and chose products to help you achieve your goals. Powerhouse products with active ingredients and the capacity to benefit the skin in many different ways are coming into focus now, even though they aren’t necessarily new to the market. We love serums, especially TNS Advanced Serum, which combine powerful antioxidants, peptides and growth factors to offer a punch of skin benefits from plumping, to smoothing, and fading sunspots. We’re calling it - 2021 is the year of Less Skincare, Better Skincare!

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