Daily Skin Care Recommendations from The Skin Sisters

Daily Skin Care Recommendations from The Skin Sisters - Sun50

With over two decades of combined clinical dermatology experience, The Skin Sisters are dermatology Physician Assistants and virtual skincare consultants, with first-hand expertise in everything from skin cancer to aesthetic dermatology. Find out their year-round recommendations for easy to implement daily sun protection.

Sun protection used to mean grabbing your sunblock only for a trip to the park or beach. It was a “vacation only” mentality. Until recently, there was no easily available information about how to protect your skin and far fewer cosmetically elegant products. Boy, have things changed! 

We now know more about our skins complex relationship with the sun. While our bodies need to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, prolonged UV exposure is compounded which puts our skin at risk. The sun produces UV rays which cause not only visible signs of aging like wrinkles, brown spots and volume loss but also the increased risk of skin cancers. These UV rays are present not just on summer beach trips, but every single day of the year - even when it is cloudy. 

Our sun protection practices must be simple enough that we can keep our skin safe every day. The key is to find products you find enjoyable and you are willing to start your day with. In a perfect world, this includes the daily use of a physical blocking SPF with active ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, but truthfully, we are fans of whatever sunscreen you are willing to use everyday! EltaMD UV Daily, All Good Sport Sunscreen, and PCA Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 45.

Next, commit to midday reapplication. Even with the most perfect sunscreen application in the morning, the product doesn’t last forever.  Reapplications during the day are essential. We love powder sunscreens for this task and keep them in our purse and car. Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen is a favorite of ours.

Lastly, make your sun protection routine easy and you will stick with it. This is where hats and sun protective clothing play an important role. We love that wearing clothing that protects the skin from UV is now stylish, comfortable and affordable.  Ordinary clothing doesnt provide the necessary protection that you need, but if you choose items made of fabric with UV blocking capability, you can go about your day knowing you are sun protected. We often keep a UPF cardigan or bandana with us for unexpected outdoor walks or patio refreshments.

Sun protection can be easy, stylish and fun if you make a plan, have the right tools, and commit to keeping your skin safe and looking great.

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