Myrtle Covarrubias

Myrtle - Sun50

My Role & Sun50's Culture

Let's be honest here. The truth is the sun rises and sets on me, but I'm not the least bit concerned with titles. Call me what you will, but I AM the culture.

As long as my bed remains fluffy, the treats keep flowing and someone throws my mini tennis ball, it's been a great day at the office. And my team gives me cuddle time which keeps me coming back for more.

A Little about me

I was born in Missouri and reside in Minnesota, but I travel every chance I get. I have always loved fashion and consider myself a fine connoisseur of tail-wagger apparel. In fact, I never leave the house without my strand of pearls. One never knows when they may run into puparazzi.

Living a Balanced Life

I am up and ready for adventure and welcome all charity walk invitations. Have on-board airplane carrier, will travel!