Christie Covarrubias


Christie Covarrubias - CEO at Sun50

My Role & Sun50's Culture


I am honored to be leading and working with an incredible group of experienced, highly motivated co-workers.  We band together as individuals, dedicated to our company mission and commitment to eco-friendly practices.


Sun50 is a movement. We created this company to bring hope and wellness into people’s lives by offering fashionable sun protection apparel made with integrity and by highlighting way-of-life practices in support of skin cancer prevention. Our company culture promotes balanced living, innovation, collaboration and a community where every member of our team is respected and valued. We chose to partner with organizations who share our core values and respect our company mission.


A Little about me


Having lost a family member at a young age to melanoma, I am passionate about elevating the importance sun safe practices and annual skin checks.  After an extensive career as a marketing executive with national and international brands, I decided to create a brand with more direct impact and personal meaning. 


While I have worked in a variety of industries, skincare has been my lifelong interest professionally and personally. I am diligent about skin health, particularly skin cancer prevention. I have cultivated close professional and personal relationships within the skin cancer space and look forward successful partnerships.


My belief is you must choose an interest, whether a hobby, career or pastime, that aligns with your heart. When you do something you love, there is never enough time in the day. I feel this way about Sun50.


Living a balanced life


Sun50 is my passion. I love meeting and interacting with people no matter where I am. Helping others by listening, facilitating connections, or providing personal assistance is very fulfilling to me. Everyone has a story and when you take the time to listen, what you hear may be a life-changing gift.


Being by the ocean fuels my soul. I’ll be the one with sandy toes, a large brim hat and pockets full of sea glass and beach treasures. Covered up with Sun50 sun protection from head to toe of course!