Mark Hoiland

I recently retired from full time work at BankVista where I was Vice President of Small Business Lending. In that role I got to know Jim and Christie and was impressed with their plans for the Sun50 business, and their passion for creating a company to provide high quality, fashionable, sun protective clothing. Since the start-up of the Sun 50 business I was their banker.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of small business owners and had an insider’s understanding of each of my customers. Sun50 really stands out as a business that has excelled at putting together a dedicated and energetic team that works hard to grow the business and provide a quality product line to its customers.  Now that I am retired from full time work at the bank I have chosen to work directly with Sun 50 as Vice President of Finance. I am also an investor in the company. I believe in the mission and the future of this company.

Over the past decades I have worked with lenders including AT&T Capital Corp., Richfield Bank as Senior Vice President of SBA lending, and for the past 5 years at BankVista. I spent 6 years as a business consultant at Platinum Group. In between these activities I have been involved in raising money, and investing in a variety of Private Placements including Senior Living, and a real estate Opportunity Fund.