Madison Hibbs

Madison Hibbs - Sun50

My Role & Sun50's Culture

I create content for all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) and work on promotions for the brand. My hope is to change the stigma of UPF apparel being unfashionable low quality by introducing our brand to everyone. What I love most about my role is seeing the positive engagement from our Sun50 friends on social media grow. I love creating content that reflects our brand and sends out a positive message to our followers.

I love the positive energy and light that everyone has in our company. Sun50 has such an amazing message and mission which is so easy to support. I love being able to express Sun50’s mission through social media.

A Little about me

While earning my degree in strategic communications from the University of St. Thomas, I worked in the retail industry which provided hands-on experience with all aspects of customer service and business objectives. In addition, I interned as a social media consultant for a lifestyle apparel company, which ultimately led to my interest in the position at Sun50.

Living a Balanced Life

I have a strong passion for protecting our ocean reefs. Nearly all reefs will be dead by 2050 which is alarming! Save the Reef is an amazing organization which helps to protect our oceans and marine life, something we all should care about.

My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii, specifically the islands of Oahu and Kauai. Hawaii is such a special place with amazing people, beautiful landscapes and warm weather. You can’t beat the aloha spirit.