Kylie Imholte

Kylie Imholte - Sun50

My Role & Sun50’s Culture 

My role at Sun50 is to manage the Twitter and LinkedIn pages and schedule, organize and style clothes for photo shoots to feature the extraordinary merchandise Sun50 has to offer. Furthermore, I tackle tasks around the office to keep the Sun50 train a well-oiled machine. My goal is to bring awareness to the importance of UPF clothing through spreading awareness on social media. I want to highlight every positive aspect about Sun50 by engaging with a loving community we have created and expanding that phenomenal community every day. 

A little about me 

I am currently a student in my 3rd year at Iowa State University studying towards a degree in design. I’m excited to learn more about the world and industry of fashion design and how to run a business through my role at Sun50.  

Living a balance life 

I’ve always been gifted with a creative brain. I love to create with my hands weather that’s from painting a water bottle to designing and sewing my own clothes. Through word of mouth I have had the privilege to give customizable handbags, skateboards, shoes and much more to family and friends. Seeing the reaction of the recipient of my work is more rewarding than anything!