Antwan Bui

My Role & Sun50’s Culture

As Sun50’s head designer, I am determined to produce the highest quality apparel, which is both stylish and sun protective. When I create our collection samples and our production patterns, my journey leads to the best fit for both our customers and the Earth, as I am passionate about environmentalism and sustainability.

Our materials are 100% eco-friendly, made from recycled water bottles or using biodegradable fibers, breathing new life into materials that would otherwise find themselves in a landfill or polluting our ecosystems. Supplementing Sun50’s mission to protect us all from the sun, we venture to take care of the Earth, so the Earth can take care of us.

 A Little About Me

Fashion came to me at a young age and I started making my own outfits by age 12. I truly have a passion for fashion—it’s a functional form of art, combining both function and aesthetic, so no one has to sacrifice one for the other. I find it fascinating to see how one can manipulate a two-dimensional sheet of fabric into a moving art piece, creating excitement in an everyday necessity.

Clothes act as art pieces on their own. But much of their effect comes from working in tandem with the wearer, who displays and represents the individual pieces, bringing the collection to life. The ability to put different pieces together gives the wearer the privilege of creating their own artistic narrative, building a message, or a story, with clothes and accessories as the building blocks. All forms of art communicate and inspire, but fashion design in particular incorporates movement, function, and practicality into the aesthetic, following the lead of the wearer. 

Living a Balanced Life

You won’t find me in a pub or at a sports stadium, but you could bump into me on the bike trail. I enjoy cycling, photography, videography, and spending time with my wife, daughter, and our two cats. I also volunteer at a temple doing videography, giving back to a community that has become my family outside of my home.