How It’s Made? California Tie-Dye

How It’s Made? California Tie-Dye - Sun50

Dating back to 500-800 AD, the ancient art of tie-dye became widely popular during the subculture of the 1960’s for its’ free-spirited form of expression and the individualism it represented. Elevated today by the luxurious properties of our UPF 50+ Summã fabric, the elaborate Sun50 tie-dye process takes over 25 hours to achieve, making each finished style a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Produced in a family-owned and operated mill in California, our tie-dye process begins with the machine knitting of our Summã fabric. Once knitting is complete, our fabric is processed into a machine for 10 hours in a bath of non-toxic dyes. Finally, our fabric is hand-cut, then hand-bound with bands and dipped in order to achieve the distinctive tie-dye effect.

What makes this garment so unique? No two sections of fabric are exactly alike. Each garment will have its own tie-dye appearance; making it a true statement piece!

Our Hand-Dyed Beach Wrap UPF 50+ is knit with the most buttery soft TENCEL™ fibers to make our Summã, which is certified by The Skin Cancer Foundation as a safe and effective fabric for sun protection. TENCEL™ is a sustainable fiber that is derived from the pulp of a renewable resource, eucalyptus trees. It is a unique fiber which is perfect for UPF 50+ clothing due to its’ natural strength. TENCEL™ is known to be as soft as silk, strong as polyester, and cool as linen when worn in warm climates. There is a hint of spandex added to our Summã fabric to maintain the beautiful drape and durability.

This garment is limited-edition, produced in a small batch run exclusive for SUN50.

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