Building Confidence, Character and Brilliance on and off the Field.

Building Confidence, Character and Brilliance on and off the Field. - Sun50

Growing up playing field hockey, lacrosse, and basketball as an impressionable child in Philadelphia, Jazmine “never knew that walking on a field at the age 7 to play a sport I had never heard of before would change my life forever. As an African American woman, I was granted the opportunity to play these sports, and by doing so, it opened up my world view and allowed me to learn about different cultures across the globe.”

Fueled with a passion to give young girls and boys of color the same “world view” exposure and opportunities she had experienced playing sports, Jazmine founded Eyekonz, a year-round field hockey and lacrosse sports foundation. Dedicated to African American and Latino girls ages 5-18 (and most recently boys too), Eyekonz teaches children the importance of adhering to rules and the importance of being a part of something that is bigger than oneself. Through structure, discipline and the development of playing field hockey, coaching principals focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, self-esteem, cultural history, healthy body image, academic achievement and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Jazmine believes sports discipline during formative years translates to a wholesome and productive lifestyle on and off the field.

Serving as a catalyst for growth and change, Jazmine wants field hockey and lacrosse to serve the same purpose for her athletes as it did for her, “I want sports to be a beacon of light for these young people. I want them to stand on my shoulders and rise to greatness.” Unlike other sports leagues, Eyekonz athletes serve 8 hours of community service within their neighborhood and their academic report cards are reviewed by the coaching staff. To further their unique platform for student athlete success, Eyekonz has partnered with The University of Pennsylvania to provide their athletes with direct access into this growing field of study. With over 500 plus players combined in their school and travel club team, Eyekonz has created a pipeline for growing the game of lacrosse and field hockey ages 5-19. As well, Eyekonz is making history by creating and facilitating the first ever black athletic program for both women’s and men’s collegiate level lacrosse. By creating an atmosphere for success within the community and providing tools for achievement, Eyekonz encourages athletes to “achieve whatever they put their minds to.” Eyekonz’s motto, “We just don’t teach them the game, we prepare them for life.”

Eyekonz Sports Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to growing lacrosse and field hockey for children in need. Please help remove barriers (cost, logistics, and perception) which prevent many children from participating in these sports with your donation to Eyekonz. Your contribution will provide an opportunity to create a new lifestyle and future for young children with determination, promise and commitment to their dreams.

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