Why We Love this Eco-Friendly Denim Alternative.

Why We Love this Eco-Friendly Denim Alternative.

Denim is timeless. Loved for its versatility, comfort, and durability, it’s easy to understand why everyone has at least one pair in their wardrobe. You may be surprised to learn it takes approximately 8 gallons of water, toxic dye chemicals, and often compromising labor to produce just one pair of denim jeans. In response to our customer’s request for eco-friendly denim in sun protective styles, we released our Untethered Blues Collection.

Angela Twohy, Sun50 head of product development, shares the inspiration behind her decision to source this material, “Chambray is a classic everyday fabric which is perfect for a beach destination. My goal was to source a lightweight, sustainable fiber, with UPF 50+ natural sun protection. This "wear everywhere" chambray is certified Lenzing Tencel fiber, which means it is a closed loop sustainable fiber that is biodegradable. Healthy for your skin and our planet!”

Softer than your favorite pair of jeans, our Sun50 chambray is the latest addition to our growing collection of luxe sun protective fabrics. Angela is dedicated to sourcing high quality fabrics that provide multiple benefits, which is very challenging to accomplish. Sun50 fabrics must:

  1. Provide the highest levels of natural sun protection. (UPF 50+)
  2. Be ultra-lightweight.
  3. Be soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin.
  4. Be on trend and fun to wear.
  5. Be machine washable.
  6. Be eco-friendly.

Angela reminds us, “Sustainable apparel production is the only way for brands to operate in today’s market. Keeping our planet healthy is top priority while producing sun protective clothing for our customers. UPF apparel can be fashionable and sustainable, which is why I enjoy connecting with suppliers all over the world to bring Sun50 apparel to life! Quality and integrity are of upmost importance to me. I feel good about working with suppliers and partners who share our fair trade and environmental value system.”

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