Plan the Ultimate Cross-Country Road Trip

Plan the Ultimate Cross-Country Road Trip

As a way of escaping the Nevada heat, my husband and I spend 5-6 months traveling in our Airstream with our beautiful Aussie, Roxy Emilia, annually. This year we are traveling from May 9th through October 15 and will be sharing daily posts on my Instagram @Adventure_Our_Life. Follow along as we explore Oregon, Washington State, cross into Canada for 45 days, then back into the U.S. to see Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. We will highlight the essence of beautiful sunsets, local adventures, wildlife, and inspirational affirmations as we make our way to Southern California for my brother’s wedding and the conclusion of 2022 road trip.

If you are thinking about doing a road trip, which is the best way to make new memories and surround yourself with the beauty each destination has to offer- at your own pace, my advice is to plan! My husband plans each of our trips 6-12 months in advance to ensure our reservations are booked and we have allocated enough explore time in each location. Curious but not sure how to plan your road trip? Check out AAA Travel for valuable planning tools, maps, and resources for your next weekend getaway or cross-country trip. We think road trips are better than flying because they offer more flexibility, you can bring more things with you (in our case our dog), and you don’t have to worry about flight delays or cancellations!

Once our road trip adventure is done and we are back to reality, I will undergo two major cancer surgeries this fall. One is due to cervical cancer and the other is to prevent my melanoma from fully returning. The clinical term for my melanoma surgery is reconstructive skin grafting and it is quite extensive. My team of doctors recommends this surgery, which will involve the removal of my skin and replacement of donor skin from my right shoulder down to my right elbow. As this area has become a “hotspot” for the reoccurrence of melanoma on my body, we are hopeful this procedure will be successful. While this surgery is not very common, my advice is to always go with your gut, make sure you have a good team of doctors to consult with, and keep strong faith. Given my skin cancer history, I am super diligent about wearing sun protection clothing, always wearing sun screen, and I love to wear Sun50 sleeves because I know my skin is sun protected. Being outdoors is important to me and I will never never give up hope and I will live each day to the fullest (with sun protection of course).

Amy is a 3x melanoma survivor, travel + lifestyle blogger, photographer, and spends each summer in her airstream with her husband and her dog, Roxy, making memories. Amy’s advice, “Live your best life! Always wear sun protection, check your skin, and have faith that the road you are on leads to your best journey.”

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